Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Warning to West -- Look what happened to nation that accepted Muslim migrants


beirutWelcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily report on all things “Savage.”
In today’s issue: With millions of Muslims, including ISIS members, from the Middle East flooding the West, Dr. Savage asked his listeners a fundamentalquestion.
“Why would any country in the world accept Islamic migrants and commit suicide?”
He pointed to history, telling “The Savage Nation,” “let’s go to Lebanon” for a look at what the West should expect.
Lebanon was once a prosperous, predominantly Christian nation only 75 years ago. Did you know that it was called the Paris of the Middle East? It was a popular holiday spot. It was a commercial and banking center comparable to Switzerland. Lebanon.
Then what happened?
Around 1950, Lebanon took in Islamic refugees from where? Syria! And other war-torn areas.
Once the PLO was defeated in Jordan — by Black September military in 1970, by the way — many Palestinian militants fled where? To Lebanon.
And what did this produce?
This led to increasing sectarian violence between Palestinians and the Maronites, the Lebanese Christians, and other Lebanese factions.
And what is Lebanon today as a result of the Muslim invasion? It’s hell on earth. A civil war among Christians, Sunnis and Shiites that began in 1975 and ran to 1990, still goes on today.
And one decade from now, 10 years from now, Germany as you know it will no longer exist.
Ten years from now the United Kingdom, under those — I have a word that I can’t use; it’s a family show — those sellouts, those quislings, those vermin who pretend to be leaders. Those rats! Those rats who run the West.
There will be no Germany, no U.K., no Sweden. You will see something that you will never believe, if you live another 10 years.
Here is my prediction. Wait until the Muslims gain a majority through their multiple breeding. Wait until the Muslims gain a majority and gain control of the military.
Then you look back and you say, “Who was that who was trying to warn us?”

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